Friday, December 6, 2013

Carman Songs

real name:     Carmelo Domenic Licciardello

The River

Everybody Praise The Lord

Great God (Music Video version)

Sunday School Rock (Music Video version)

Lord, I Love You

Radically Saved (Full Album) 1988

1. Intro
2. I've Been Delivered   (at 18 seconds)
3. Lord Of All (at 3 minutes and 33 seconds)
4. Radically Saved (at 8 minutes)
5. No Way, We Are Not Ashamed (at 12 minutes)

6. Soap Song
7. Celebrating Jesus
8. Bless God (at 24 minutes and 52 seconds)
9. Jericho: The Shout Of Victory
10. I Feel Jesus
11. God Of All Nations Medley: Lord Of All The Land And Sea (Africa)/Praise The Lord Our God (Germany)