Friday, February 8, 2013

Secret Ambition by Michael W. Smith

Previously posting Michael W. Smith's song "Place In This World", I'm reminded of another one of his music videos that I loved as a teenager.

Secret Ambition

Place In This World by Michael W. Smith

Seeing Christian comedian and singer Mark Lowry sing in the last music video I posted, I was reminded of his hilarious parody of Michael W. Smith's song "Place In This World" titled "Face In This World." So, I'm posting links to both videos.

Place In This World

Face In This World
(Mark Lowry's Parody of the above music video)

Friday, February 1, 2013

He Touched Me by Bill Gaither

Another version HERE

Elvis Presley version

This is probably Bill Gaither's most famous song. It's been recorded by many artists and sung in countless Christian settings.

SONGFACTS webpage about the song.

Jubilee by Michael Card

Live Version Here at 1 minute and 23 seconds

 Mistborn (1)
mppl, propH, ahml, desP, indianT

amazonia by james rollins
mppl, prosH, ahml, indianT

indiana jones and the philosopher's stone
an omnibus including this book is at ahml and rollnMedws

Along came a spider : a novel mppl prospectH  desP IndianT

kiss the girls mppl prospectH  desP IndianT

prey mppl prospectH  desP IndianT

Author:     Patricia Daniels Cornwell  mppl prospectH  desP ahml

Cruel and Unusual Patricia Daniels Cornwell  mppl prospectH indnT

Sahara mppl ahml desP indT

Jesus and the Last Supper by    Brant James Pitre
At page 173 see the discussion on the word "daily" in the Lord's prayer. It suggests

"supernatural" is the better translation.
NBK, Schaumburg, Skokie, Elk Grove, Trinity Wilmette, William Rainey Harper College in

Palatine; Moody Library; Weaton College

Romans : a new translation with introduction and commentary
Author:     Joseph A Fitzmyer
useful for exegeting Rom. 9:5 according to Ehrman
AHML Call Number 227.1/ROMANS

Romans: A Commentary by Robert Jewett
useful for exegeting Rom. 9:5 according to Ehrman
Trinity, Moody, Wheaton

the identity man andrew klavan
mppl prospectH ahml desP IndianT RollingM

Nehemia Gordon books
The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus : new light on the seat of Moses from Shem-

Tov's Hebrew Matthew MOODY
Shattering the conspiracy of silence : the Hebrew power of the priestly blessing

unleashed; schaumburg

As it is written : the brief case for Karaism
Author:     Shawn Lichaa; Nehemia Gordon; Meir Rekhavi; Karaite Jews of America.

The Haunted Mesa by L'Amour [sci fi]
mppl, prospect heights, ahml, des pl, rolling med, elk grove

The Walking Drum MPPL

The Ghost in the Atom – Paul Davies
 schaumburg, skokie

The Matter Myth by Davies
AHML, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, schaumburg

Modern Physics and Ancient Faith  – Stephen Barr
MPPL, NBK, Schaumburg, Rolfing

The Mystery of the Quantum World – Euan Squires

Fire of Heaven series all at MPPL
1 Blood of Heaven
2. Threshold
3. Fire of Heaven

Surprised by the Voice of God by Jack Deere
copy the francis schaeffer testimony of answered prayer
ahml, moody, poplar creek;

Without a Prayer: Ayn Rand and the close of her system by John W. Robbins
moody library